Palaces of the Poor – April 3, 2023

Bible Study: (3:26)

Father discusses ancient calendar issues 

Jn 12:1-11

  • Father discusses why Churches are the palaces of the poor. 


  • (21:05) – Palm procession question – Did Jesus ride an ass and a colt? 
  • (25:48) – Custom to cover images
  • (28:43) – God’s justice in the OT 

Word of the Day: Nard (33:48)


  • (37:02) – Paul knew very little bit about Jesus’ teaching, and nothing about his miracles, could you comment on that?
  • (42:19)- My brother and his wife are going to the Holy Land on their own in a couple weeks and for only three days.  Recommendations on what to see?
  • (44:43) – Is Baptism necessary for salvation? 
  • (47:40) – Is there a connection b/w today’s Gospel and the washing of the Apostle’s feet?
  • (48:52) – In the synoptic Gospels and in Gethsemane, Jesus says ‘Pray to not be put to the test’  What is he referring to that?
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