The Patrick Madrid Show: April 04, 2023 – Hour 1

Patrick answers listener questions about fasting, Holy Thursday, how long was Jesus really buried for, and how to earn an indulgence for a departed soul

  • Anonymous – Is fasting required even if my job is physically demanding and I need the food for energy?
  • Todd – Could you comment on why the Eucharist is reposed for Holy Thursday?
  • Otto – A friend of mine pointed out that Jesus was not buried for three full days. What should I say?
  • JoAnn – What is the tradition on Holy Thursday where you go to different Churches?
  • Barbara – A friend told me that Mother Teresa was into porn and child trafficking. How should I respond to this?
  • Patrick comments on how those with autism have purer souls and parents need not worry about the state of their souls
  • Joan – What is a good book for teaching my daughter what a healthy dating relationship should look like?
  • Mary – What does it mean when the bible says people have fallen asleep?
  • Can I earn an indulgence for a departed soul?
Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.