Once an Addict – Now a Priest

Special Podcast Episode

Do you have a loved one who has struggled with addiction? Do not give up praying for that person!

You’ll be inspired by this interview with Father Ryan Brady. He’s a Catholic priest who battled addiction to alcohol and found freedom and liberation through God’s grace. Father Ryan shares his personal journey and struggles with addiction, highlighting the impact it had on his relationships and sense of self-worth. He discusses the isolation and powerlessness that comes with addiction, as well as the role of prayer and therapy in the healing process.

Father Ryan emphasizes the importance of reaching rock bottom and surrendering to God’s love and guidance. He acknowledges the presence of the evil one in addiction but also recognizes the potential for redemption and transformation. Ultimately, Father Ryan views his addiction as a catalyst for spiritual growth and a source of gratitude, believing that our past sins and struggles do not hinder our path to holiness.

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