The Patrick Madrid Show: May 03, 2023 – Hour 3

Elizabeth’s call from the end of the last hour spurs more calls and emails about the lasting spiritual and emotional pain from abortion – 

  • Mark – Pope Francis statements on death penalty and Just War Theory. Was he speaking ex cathedra?
  • Normand – My heart broke when I heard Elizabeth’s call from the end of the last hour. Me and my wife had an abortion years ago. As a man I want to share how I was able to find healing and how God helped me through.
  • Tom – Can I go to a Traditional Latin Mass?
  • Shawn – If we eat the Eucharist, does that make us cannibals?
  • Anna – I had an abortion and I told my kids not to make the same decision that I made. Honesty is the best idea I think.
  • Lydia – When my mom had a miscarriage, we prayed that we would get to know the unborn child. Maybe Elizabeth can ask to have a relationship with her child in heaven?
  • Kenny – Do you know much about AI? Do you think it is really dangerous?
  • Glenn – We go through a litany of the prayer of the faithful on Good Friday. Why is there no prayer for the unborn? I thought there used to be one.
  • Maribel – What books can I give my 9-year-old son that are about the Catholic Faith?
  • Andrea – If I think bad thoughts but disregard them quickly, do I need to go to confession?
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