The Patrick Madrid Show: May 04, 2023 – Hour 2

Biden Administration Tells Catholic Hospital To Put Out Sanctuary Candle Light In Violation Of Religious Beliefs – 

  • Jay – How can I explain to an LDS Mormon that burying a Saint Joseph statue in the back yard is not bad?
  • LeAnn – Do you think the bishops are afraid of persecution, so they are not calling out some of the things that the Biden administration is doing?
  • Gabriela – What mystery did we use in the Rosary for Thursday before the Luminous Mystery?
  • Mar Touma Church in Mosul, Iraq, reopens six years after ISIS devastation
  • High school girl school forced to share a bathroom with a biological male speaks out; “You have violated my privacy, you have violated my modesty, and you have violated my dignity” (Original tweet has been removed from twitter)
  • Gender Affirming Clinic worker say Puberty Blockers worsen a child’s depression (the article and audio no longer exist at MSN)
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