The Patrick Madrid Show: May 04, 2023 – Hour 3

Speaking about her experience for the first time, Payton McNabb shared her experience competing and being injuring by a biological male in a high school sport – 

  • Joyce – We do highbred homeschool for our kids. It is less expensive
  • Ernie – How do we know that Mary didn’t have any more children? Why do we call Pastors Father when we have only have one Father in heaven?
  • David – If you did a sin in ignorance in your past and realized it was a sin later, do you need to confess it?
  • David – What if we had student strikes for the trans issue? Would that work?
  • Patrick – What was meaning of a pope writing a bull?
  • Anna – I don’t feel anything at a Catholic Church even though I go with my husband. When we went to a Pentecostal Church, I felt emotions. Is that bad?
  • Tom – How do Apostolic Blessings work for those near death?
  • Edwin – Why do Catholics pray to Mary?
  • Sal – My godmother, who is fallen away Catholic, is on her death bed. Can I ask her to get last rights?
  • Jim – The reason for the separation of the bathrooms is biological not sociological.
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