Evangelizing at Work – June 15, 2023

Bible Study: (1:53)

2 Cor 3:15—4:1, 3-6

  • Father Simon discusses the ‘worshipping the god of this age.’

Mt 5:20-26

  • Righteousness and the nature of God 


  • (21:44) – Msgr. Bob discusses Orthodox sick calls
  • (25:44) – I work for a Fortune 500 company who talks about getting asked to remove religious stuff from my desk
  • (29:14) – Possession by the Holy Spirit 
  • (31:52) – Screwtape letters – I feel ill after listening to the Screwtape letters

Word of the Day: Freedom (36:06)


  • (41:47) – At my work I’ve been able to talk about my religion, what do you think about that Father?
  • (43:14) – Where do we have information on the 40 days after he rose?
  • (47:05) – What’s the best way to start reading the Bible?
  • (48:48) – If someone is possessed, could they only get help from an external source or could they get help internally
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