The Great Debate: Do Catholics Worship Mary and Statues? (Special Podcast Highlight)

Patrick reads an email from a listener named Ruben who expresses his discomfort with certain practices involving the veneration of Mary in the Catholic faith. Ruben had previously left the Catholic faith due to his mother’s adoration of Mary but returned three years ago and now enjoys his relationship with Jesus. Ruben describes attending a Rosary group hosted by a group of elderly Mexican ladies where there was a large statue of Mary, and participants were instructed to place flowers at the statue’s feet and genuflect. He feels uncomfortable with this and wonders if it constitutes worship.

Hear Patrick’s surprising response to this question! 

Statues and icons are meant to remind believers of the individuals they represent, and they should not become objects of veneration themselves. 

Patrick recommends seeking out the debate he did called “The Great Debate” where he discussed this, and he said it helped many Protestants convert. He also suggests a book titled “Behold Your Mother” by Tim Staples as a resource on Marian teachings in the Bible.

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