The Patrick Madrid Show: June 28, 2023 – Hour 3

Ireland’s proposed new anti-prayer zones by county Under legislation to be approved today, some areas will have over 20 places where people will face a hefty fine or six months in jail for silently praying within 100m, if they are suspected of praying against abortion

  • How Wolfman Jack Launched My Career in Radio
  • Nancy – What can I do not to get bored during prayer?
  • Patty – Is Adam and Eve more poetic or realistic or is it just that the story of creation and God’s love the most important?
  • Lee – Was the wedding we went to that did not have a minister a real wedding?
  • Benny – Does Jesus still suffer in heaven?
  • Kay – How does Divine Mercy play into only Catholics getting to heaven?
  • Isidore – Why was God so strict in the Old Testament?
  • Dennis – Does the state of our soul at death have anything to do with the legitimacy of a Catholic funeral afterwards?
  • Juanita – Is it right to receive communion from Eucharistic ministers?
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