Sound of Freedom: Jim Caviezel speaks to Relevant Radio

“Can you love My children more than you fear evil? Can you love My Son more than you fear the cross?”

Those are the words from God that Jim Caviezel said inspired him to agree to portray former CIA and DHS agent, Tim Ballard, in the upcoming film, Sound of Freedom.

Over the past few weeks, Jim joined The Drew Mariani Show, Trending with Timmerie, and Morning Air to discuss the film, its protagonist, the importance of the message behind the movie, and how this movie aims to expose the fastest-growing international crime network in the world: human trafficking.

Jim Caviezel is most known for his role as Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, and he has said that Sound of Freedom is the best film he has done since. Unsurprisingly, Ballard, the protagonist of Sound of Freedom, is a Christ-like figure who sacrifices everything to defend God’s children from the evil that is threatening to swallow them up.

“This is how Our Lord threw Himself in the way of evil to defend us,” said Caviezel. The film follows the career of Tim Ballard, a DHS agent whose main responsibility is to track down pedophiles and child traffickers. During one of his cases, Ballard rescues a young boy at the southern border of the States who asks him to find his sister who was also taken. “And like in the Scriptures, when Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl that you could sell everything for, Tim Ballard does that: He takes money out of his house, what little he has, and he goes down, at the inspiration of his wife, and tries to rescue this little girl in Colombia.”

Caviezel has three children that he adopted from an orphanage, and he explained that he understood the danger that even his own children faced before finding a home with him and his wife. This battle against child sex trafficking was not only a fight for Tim Ballard but it was a personal issue that Caviezel was aware of adopting children from overseas. “As a father or a mother, it is our duty to protect our children. We do not protect our children by putting our heads in the sand like ostriches.”

Caviezel spoke about the need for mothers and fathers to be aware of the dangers that this world and its evils present to them and their families. Learn the warning signs of kidnappers and protect those who matter most to you. He explained that many modern Christians have grown weak, “more afraid of the devil than of God.” But God tells us over 300 times in the Bible to not be afraid. He is standing beside us when we choose to fight evil.

While the film certainly covers the darker side of these issues, mainly to exhibit just how horrendous these crimes against children are, Caviezel clarified that this story is ultimately one of hope and joy. It’s about bringing light out of the darkness and vanquishing the devil who would prey on the most innocent and vulnerable of God’s children.

Child sex trafficking is a $152 billion industry. For context, the NFL made $18 billion last year, the NHL made $6.1 billion last year, the MLB made $9.56 billion last year, and the NBA made $10 billion last year. 300,000 children under the age of eighteen are taken and trafficked every year. This film is primed to expose the evil of this industry and show people just how prevalent these crimes are.

Caviezel explained that the powers that be do not want people to see this movie because it is not only powerful and inspirational but it’s expository. This problem runs deep in our nation and it’s up to us to root it out. Jesus suffered and died for our sins, and right now, we are witnessing an epidemic of sin at the hands of human traffickers.

“This has got to stop. And if we don’t stop this, then we will lose our country. Right now, we don’t have a southern border. By definition, in order to have a country, you have to have borders and we do not have a southern border. I’m not willing to hand over my republic, and I’m much [less willing] to let someone take our children. God’s children are no longer for sale.”

Sound of Freedom comes out on Tuesday, July 4th, 2023. Get your tickets at

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