Mustard Seeds – July 31, 2023

Bible Study: (2:12)

Ex 32:15-24, 30-34

  • Why does God want to make a great nation of Moses? 

Mt 13:31-35

  • What does it mean that the kingdom is like a mustard seed? 


  • (22:09) – can a children of unmarried parents become a priest? 
  • (27:58) – I went to a strange Church this weekend; what should I do?

Word of the Day: Encampment of the Lord (34:21)


  • (36:29) – In seminary, is learning Latin still required?
  • (38:25) – When I went to confession, my husband is a Protestant and the priest encouraged me to go to the Protestant service.  Could you comment on that?
  • (45:07) – God married a woman named Sophia?  Could you explain?
  • (46:53) – Father was talking about the priests needing to use their hands;  St. Isaac Jogues had a thumb cut off and Pope allowed him to continue.
  • (48:30) – A young couple wants to live as brother/sister due to financial reasons.  What does he think?
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