Why Does God Test Us? – July 6, 2023

Bible Study: (1:59)

Gn 22:1b-19

  • Why does God put anyone to the test? 


  • (19:47) – I feel like prayer doesn’t work
  • (22:44) – What’s Father’s interpretation of Job 24:17? 
  • (24:41) – How did the ancients view taking up their cross? 
  • (27:15) – Should there be a clause or form of to-be in ‘blessed the man’
  • (29:45) – I’m confused about the term ‘Elohim’ and how it’s used.
  • (32:24) – Pre-Genesis world, was there life on earth before? 

Word of the Day: Burnt Offering & Lamb 


  • (39:22) – ‘When God made man in his image and taking the female part out’  Have you thought of this before?
  • (43:30) – Sinning against the Holy Spirit, is that unforgivable sin? 
  • (46:25) – Is the Book/Gospel of Thomas a forgery?
  • (48:40) – Is Zoroastrianism Christianity?
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