Judges, Divorce, and Conversion – August 21, 2023

Bible Study: (2:24)

Jgs 2:11-19

  • Father discusses who the judges were

Mt 19:16-22

  • Father contrasts the Rich Man and the Gadarene demoniac 


  • (18:40) – Moses killing the Egyptian & the pro-life movement
  • (21:22) – Did Jesus say he was the son of God? 
  • (23:40) – Jesus called Mary immah in the Chosen
  • (24:23) – Moses allowed divorce, why? 
  • (29:02) – There’s a lot of coincidences happening in my life; what’s going on? 

Word of the Day: Baal (32:02)


  • (38:20) – Question bout the Ark of the Covenant found under Golgotha?
  • (43:09) – Question about yesterday’s gospel and Jesus’ use of the word dog?
  • (45:08) – My boyfriend wants me to convert to Catholicism before marrying him. I was raised Southern Baptist, but I’m going to mass him.  Do I need to be Catholic to marry him?
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