Speaking Face to Face – August 17, 2023

Bible Study: (:52.300)

Jos 3:7-10a, 11, 13-17

  • Why shouldn’t the Israelites get too close to the arc? 


  • (13:56) – Kelly, who is of a different faith, loves Father’s show!
  • (14:34) – What does it mean, ‘we sang a dirge but you didn’t not mourn?’
  • (17:35) – Holy Days by country 
  • (18:57) – Do parishes have to offer extra masses on holy days? 

Word of the Day: to sin  (27:49)


  • (39:37) – Clarification, in the OT Moses and God were speaking in the tent and speaking face to face? 
  • (44:45) – Any indication of when Jesus baptized the Apostles?
  • (47:38) – We’re in this Eucharistic Revival, but priests haven’t raised the Eucharist and Chalice as high at consecration. Why? 
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