Be a Brutal Friend (The Cale Clarke Show)

Do you have a friend who is making bad decisions? Are you afraid of telling them the truth for fear of losing that friendship? It might be time to show courage and do what God is calling you to do.

Cale Clarke discusses an article written by James Mumford in Comment Magazine. The article explores the concept of true friendship, challenging the prevailing idea of friendship in our therapeutic culture. Mumford emphasizes the importance of being willing to risk a friendship for the sake of honest truth-telling. He draws examples from literature, like Jane Austen’s “Emma,” to illustrate how genuine friends should provide candid feedback and help one another pursue virtue.

Mumford argues that true friends challenge and question each other’s goals rather than blindly affirming them. He also addresses the fear of being perceived as paternalistic and highlights the need to prioritize a friend’s well-being over the fear of rejection. The article emphasizes that real friendship should aim to bring each other closer to the ultimate good, rather than clinging to the relationship itself.

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