The Faith Explained – How to Think Like Jesus

Do you wonder what true spirituality is all about?  What does it mean to “put on the mind of Christ?” Does this all sound confusing?

In the series “Saints in Sin City” from The Faith Explained, Cale Clarke discusses a passage from the Book of 1 Corinthians, focusing on themes of wisdom, spirituality, and unity within the Church. Cale emphasizes St. Paul’s writings that the wisdom of God is not revealed through human philosophy or rhetoric, but through the revelation of the Spirit. St. Paul explains that the Spirit of God enables believers to understand the truths of God, especially the significance of Christ’s crucifixion.

Cale connects the concept of having the mind of Christ with the idea of sharing in the selflessness and sacrificial love represented by Christ’s crucifixion. St. Paul criticizes the Corinthians for their spiritual pride and divisiveness, pointing out that true spirituality is characterized by humility and unity, not boasting or exclusivity. Cale underscores the importance of love as the central goal of the Christian life, reminding you that the message of the cross is about selflessness and looking outward to others in service.

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