The Patrick Madrid Show: August 21, 2023 – Hour 3

Is sex allowed when I’m pregnant? Is it the sin of sloth to binge watch a show? Is the Kingdom of Heaven for everyone?

  • Anonymous email – When pregnant, is intimacy still allowed?
  • Betsy – When I pray, I feel like I am leaving God the Father and the Holy Spirit out. Is that okay?
  • Jack – Is it a big sin to watch a movie with a lot language and blasphemy? Is binge watching a sin of sloth?
  • Elizabeth (email) – It is possible to get pregnant again even if you are currently pregnant
  • Francisco – Can I divorce my wife as a Catholic?
  • Jordan – How should I properly wear the brown scapular?
  • John – A friend of mine moved out of state and is struggling to find a Catholic Church. They are going to a non-denominational Church now and thinks she is supposed to convert. What can I tell her?
  • Ed – My cousin thinks that the bible was written by men, puts women down and that all religious are gay. How do I talk with her about this?
  • Keith – When Jesus was talking with his disciples during the scene with the pagan woman, do you think he had a sarcastic tone when he said “I was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel?”
  • Linda – Comment on last week’s Gospel: The priest at our parish taught that Jesus was showing his disciples that the Kingdom of Heaven was for everyone.
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