The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage (Special Podcast Highlight)

Are you tired of the Hollywood agenda that’s giving your kids the wrong message? If you want to find faith-affirming content for your family, then you need to check this interview out!

Peter Atkinson dropped by The Drew Mariani Show to share some exciting news: The Merry Beggars are releasing a brand-new series! 

The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage is coming September 11th. Hear more about this one-of-a-kind project from Peter and Drew Mariani! You can sign up to get the episodes here!

The series will consist of weekday episodes, each about 15 minutes long, focusing on different saints. It is designed for family entertainment and can be easily integrated into daily routines like driving or listening at home. The goal is to tell the stories of the saints, showcasing their diverse lives and inspiring others to live out their faith.

The series aims to be both educational and inspirational, fostering a deeper connection to the lives of saints. It’s an audio theater experience, allowing listeners to engage their imagination while hearing captivating stories about their lives. The series will be available for free and can be accessed on various podcast platforms, as well as The Merry Beggars’ website.

Peter Atkinson emphasized the importance of sharing positive and beautiful content that counteracts the negativity in today’s culture. The series will feature well-known saints like St. Patrick, St. Joan of Arc, St. Francis of Assisi, and more. The episodes will provide glimpses into the lives of these saints and their unique paths to holiness, highlighting how their stories can inspire people in different life situations.

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