Why ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ is Striking a Chord with Middle America (Special Podcast Highlight)

Have you heard the song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ from Oliver Anthony? This month he became an overnight sensation, having come out with the number one song in the country! He even beat out Taylor Swift’s music on the Billboard chart!

What’s the song about? It’s a working man’s cry for recognition, calling out the DC establishment who don’t appear to care about the 99%. It’s an anthem that hits a nerve in Middle America. Cale Clarke explains that Oliver Anthony was once an agnostic who struggled with alcoholism and substance abuse but has now found God. He even read from the Bible at one of his recent concerts!

However, there are critics who claim that the track has the wrong message for Christians. Some also take issue with the indecent language in the song. What do you think?

Hear Cale’s rundown on what’s driving this song to 2023 fame. 

Check out the entire hour. Rich Men North of Richmond – Relevant Radio

(Note that the song from Oliver Anthony contains profanity and some content mentioned in this episode may not be suitable for all audiences.) 

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