YouTube Bans Timmerie?!

Well, it’s finally happened. Timmerie Geagea has been banned on YouTube and her entire Trending with Timmerie channel has been shut down and locked.

It’s no secret that YouTube has an agenda of its own when it comes to the exposition of the truth, just like all of the other major social media platforms. It’s been observed on numerous occasions that YouTube and Twitter have made it a habit of banning polarizing figures from their platforms after the online, vocal majority determines that it doesn’t like what the figure in question is doing.

From talk show hosts Dan Bongino and Steven Crowder to former President Donald Trump to James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, mega-media corporations have made no bones about flexing their power to suspend and ban personalities they deem dangerous. And they absolutely have the right to do so. As a private company, they can control the terms, conditions, content guidelines, and accessibility of their platform to their users.

It makes you think back to those signs in stores that read, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. And, true enough. The problem arises when the reason for which YouTube “refuses service” to its content creators no longer truly violates the guidelines that they have set out. The problem arises when there seems to be a double standard in the way that YouTube treats its creators based on their views and beliefs.

Timmerie, along with many other personalities and content creators have suffered at the hands of entities like YouTube who always seem primed to protect their agenda. Timmerie’s conflict with YouTube originally began years ago with being wrongfully flagged over “copywritten” materials that she actually owned.

A bunch of my videos have been reported: trying to report us for using music we shouldn’t use [when] we actually own the music that we use for the start and the end of the show,” said Timmerie. “People have tried to say, ‘I’ve already heard this program somewhere else.’ Yeah, maybe on Apple? It’s my voice and my content.”

But the summer of 2023 saw these reports rise to an all-time high. It began with a video that was flagged by YouTube for misinformation because Timmerie was discussing the mainstream, secular, peer-reviewed studies that showed that getting an abortion increased a woman’s risk of breast cancer (amongst other cancers as well). This report got Timmerie banned for a week.

A week later, just days after getting her account back and settling back into a regular routine, she received another strike, this time on a video about the fact that aborted baby parts were used in the research and development of the COVID-19 vaccines. Not only is that true, but it’s hardly a groundbreaking discovery. Horrifically, the tissue of aborted babies is used in the development of vaccines as well as in embryonic stem cell research. Right after getting back onto her channel and re-uploading backlogged content, Timmerie got banned for another two weeks.

Timmerie knew what was coming. “I’m already kind of seeing the writing on the wall because they keep sending me these notifications saying, ‘If you have one more video that doesn’t meet our guidelines for YouTube, we are banning you forever.’ Well, next thing I know, I don’t even get a notification, but I try to log onto YouTube… and lo and behold, I can’t even get into my account.”

Gone. Completely locked out. Every video, every subscriber, every playlist, everything: just gone. Surprising nobody, this third strike also had to do with abortion: It came to Timmerie courtesy of a video she had made warning women about the side effects of contraception, one of which is breast cancer. It almost sounds like YouTube doesn’t like people knowing about how harmful contraception and abortion are for women.

While pro-abortion fanatics scrubbed through Timmerie’s library for videos to report to get her banned, YouTube all the while approved and continues to air hypersexualized content easily accessible to its users. Just this month, a YouTuber with over 19 million subscribers exposed himself to almost 25,000 people on a live stream and nobody at YouTube batted an eye. He received no strikes. He received no punishment. Meanwhile, channels like Trending with Timmerie that are dedicated to spreading and protecting the truth are hammered into oblivion without a second thought.

Journalism is about investigating and disseminating the truth, something that powerful people very often don’t want the rest of the world to know. And if exposing the truth means facing censorship, ridicule, and hatred, then so be it. But it is absolutely disgraceful that big-name platforms find it more beneficial to cater to the progressive mob than to preserve everybody’s right to say their piece.

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John Hanretty serves as a Digital Media Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of the Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas. Besides being passionate about writing, his hobbies include drawing and digital design. You can read more of his daily articles at and on the Relevant Radio® app.