Are You Teaching Your Kids to Pray? (Special Podcast Highlight)

Do you pray with your children? You may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start! Get some helpful tips in this episode of Morning Air.

Glen Leverenz and Sarah Tafoya are joined by Kim Morgan, a Catholic wife and mom who is also a licensed independent clinical social worker. Here’s a summary of the key points made in the podcast:

  1. Starting Early with Mealtime Prayers: The hosts and Kim emphasize the importance of introducing prayer to children from a young age. They suggest that one of the first steps is teaching children to say grace and give thanks before meals. This is seen as a natural and simple way to initiate children into the practice of prayer.

  2. Praying Throughout the Day: They discuss the idea of incorporating intermittent prayer throughout the day. They highlight the significance of mealtime prayers, morning and bedtime prayers, and even prayers during daily routines like car rides to school. Kim particularly mentions the importance of modeling and scripting prayers for children.

  3. Exploring Prayer’s Historical Context: Kim recommends using books, games, or flashcards that provide historical context and stories behind prayers. Understanding the origins and significance of prayers, such as the Fatima Prayer, can help children appreciate their depth and meaning.

  4. Creating a Prayerful Environment: They stress that creating the right environment for prayer is crucial. This environment doesn’t always have to be formal or quiet. They share personal experiences, like praying the Rosary in the car with children during daily commutes, as an example of how the environment can be adapted to fit a family’s lifestyle.

  5. Encouraging Conversational Prayer: The conversation also touches on the importance of teaching children to have a running conversation with God throughout the day, much like talking to a friend. This helps build a strong relationship with God and encourages children to pray from the heart.

  6. Bedtime Prayers: Bedtime routines are highlighted as a great opportunity for children to open up and pray for what’s on their hearts. Children often show empathy and thoughtfulness by praying for others, such as their friends or classmates.

  7. Teaching by Example: They encourage parents and grandparents to model prayer and engage in prayerful activities with children. Making prayer a joyful and meaningful part of family life is seen as a beautiful way to nurture a child’s faith.

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