Bishop Larry Silva on the Maui Fires (Morning Air)

As your heart goes out to those in Hawaii who have been impacted by the wildfires, know that your prayers and support can make a difference. In difficult times, we as a Catholic community can remind one another that God is in control.

John Morales speaks with Bishop Larry Silva from Honolulu about the devastating Maui wildfire, which is described as the deadliest U.S. wildfire in over a century and the worst natural disaster in Hawaii’s history. Here are the key points from this conversation:

  1. Resilience and Community Support: Despite the tragedy, people in Maui are resilient and are coming together to help each other. Bishop Silva expresses his appreciation for the support and donations pouring in from across the country.
  2. Bishop’s Ministry: Bishop Silva shares his experience of ministering to the survivors shortly after the tragedy. He describes a mixture of sadness, tears, and stories of loss but also the incredible acts of kindness and solidarity among the affected communities.
  3. Miracle of Maria Lanakila Catholic Church: They talk about the miraculous survival of Maria Lanakila Catholic Church amidst the devastation. While surrounding buildings were destroyed, the church and rectory remained mostly unscathed, serving as a symbol of hope.
  4. Spiritual Perspective: Bishop Silva emphasizes the importance of maintaining a spiritual perspective during such tragedies. He suggests that while these events are not the direct actions of God, they can be seen as a whispering voice of love and hope. He encourages people to pray, lament, and grieve, knowing that God understands their feelings.
  5. Power of Prayer: John and Bishop Silva discuss the impact of the global prayer efforts for Maui. They acknowledge that prayer has played a crucial role in bringing hope to the affected community.
  6. Ways to Help: Bishop Silva outlines ways to support the people of Hawaii, including continued prayer, donations to the Hawaii Catholic Community Foundation, and supporting Hawaii Catholic Charities. He also encourages tourists to visit Maui, as the rest of the island is open and in need of tourism-related jobs.
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