Feast of St. Matthew – September 21, 2023

Bible Study & Feast: (2:07)

(2:07) – The life of St. Matthew

Eph 4:1-7, 11-13

  • Father describes slavery in ancient Rome & the idea that we’re given to the world

Mt 9:9-13

  • Father discusses not taking the poison 


  • (24:55) – How do I walk with the Lord? 
  • (29:10) – St. Paul and deaconesses 
  • (32:17) – Sending back healing crystals 

Word of the Day: Diligent (35:00)


  • (38:26) – Is there anywhere in the gospel where Jesus tried to give Judas a last chance?
  • (41:28) – I am protestant. I have several crosses but none of them are crucifixes. What is the difference between wearing a cross or a crucifix?
  • (42:29) – Did anyone in ancient Judaism take a vow of celibacy?
  • (43:33) – When I pray, I want to pray to Jesus and the heavenly Father, but it is hard to picture the Father. Any thoughts?
  • (47:34) – Do you know of a spiritual writer named Rohr?
  • (49:26) – Was Judas’ betrayal predestined? 
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