The Rabbi and the Rock (Special Podcast Highlight)

You might be surprised to hear from a Jewish rabbi who believes that Jesus is the Messiah. He’s here to tell you about his powerful encounter with the Lord.

Cale Clarke interviews Rabbi Jason Sobel, who is a bestselling author and a rabbi with a belief in Jesus as the true Messiah. Rabbi Sobel discusses his upbringing in a Jewish family in New Jersey, his spiritual journey that led him to discover Jesus as the Messiah, and the challenges he faced from his family due to his faith. He rose above the fear and chose to stand true to his convictions. He’s not the only Jewish person to come to know Jesus as the Messiah! There are reports of more and more Jewish people encountering Jesus and quietly becoming believers, despite the cultural pressure against conversion. 

Rabbi Sobel emphasizes the importance of seeing Jesus in his original Jewish context and reading the New Testament through Jewish eyes. He mentions the significance of the “signs” in the Gospel of John. These are miracles that point to Jesus as the promised Messiah, and they draw connections between Jesus and the “greater-than-Moses” figure from the Old Testament.

You will be encouraged in this segment and inspired by the hope and miracles that Jesus wants to do for you. 

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