The True Meaning of Hierarchy – September 19, 2023

Bible Study: (1:51) 

1 Tm 3:1-13

  • What does hierarchy mean?
  • Father explains what the nature of the episcopacy is  


  • (26:39) – Can I attend a holy day mass at an SSPX Church? 
  • (29:51) – Breaking the Sabbath
  • (30:56) – Three Days of darkness 

Word of the day: The Devil’s Judgement 


  • (41:49) – what’s Origin of the rosary? 
  • (44:33) – My father lives in Los Angeles, moved to Texas, he was a member of a parish, but he hasn’t been able to go to Church. We want to have his funeral services there at the Church.  How to do this?
  • (46:23 – When you have a confession and you find out that priest was abusing children and convicted, what happened to that confession?
  • (48:27) – Is there a term for the time when Christ was alive?
  • (49:28) – How a priest is able to determine the penance for somebody in confession?
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