World Without End – September 26, 2023

Bible Studio: (2:03)

Ezr 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20

  • Failure & Hope in Ezra and Nehemiah 


  • (19:55) – Were Mary’s parents conceived without sin
  • (23:57) – Why do we say world without end at the end of the Glory be? 
  • (25:34) – Great Adventure Bible Timeline 
  • (29:14) – Do priests collect Social Security? 

Word of the Day: Brothers of Jesus (36:12)


  • (41:30) – I fell away from the Church because of abuse scandals
  • (44:13) – Any knowledge on the validity of Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic on YouTube? 
  • (47:41) – Question about the nature of God, is it outside of our concept of time?
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