5 Steps You Can Take to Become a Saint

On November 1, we celebrate All Saints Day, a commemoration of all the holy people who have made it to heaven. It’s a celebration of those who have fought the good fight, stayed the course, and crossed the finish line. That is the goal, after all, for all Christians. Those men and women who have earned sainthood have done what we are striving to do. They no longer have to struggle with temptation, sin, and the works of the devil.

But for those of us who have not yet passed on, we are still fighting. We still struggle with bad habits, temptations, and vices. And it’s never easy, but it can be simple. In anticipation of this day of celebration for the souls in heaven, let us be inspired to recommit ourselves to the imitation of Christ and His saints.

Here are five steps you can take to renew your efforts in your journey to sainthood today:

  1. Commit to a Prayer Life – There was never a saint who didn’t have a vibrant prayer life. Prayer is a conversation with God. Prayer is how we get to know God. We don’t want to get to the gates of heaven and hear Jesus ask, “Who are you?” Let there be no question that you know Our Lord and He knows you. If you find prayer especially difficult, start small and simple. Begin each day with a morning offering, say the Holy Rosary in the evening, and end your day with an examination of conscience and three Hail Marys. Slowly build up a plan of life through your prayer habits.


  1. Focus on Eliminating One Bad Habit from Your Life – You can go to the doctor all you want, but if you keep going out in the cold without a coat, you’re going to keep getting sick. Eliminate the cause of your ailment. If you continually find yourself talking bad about others because your peers do it, stay away from those peers. If you find yourself eating or drinking too much, ask the others around you to remind you of your limits. Keep yourself honest. And don’t try to become the perfect person in a moment. Start with one bad habit. “Saints are only sinners who keep trying.” (Mother Teresa)


  1. Push Yourself to Attend Mass More Often – If you attend Mass once a week on Sundays, go once more during the week. If you go two times a week, go three. The Mass is the most powerful prayer in the world, and the Eucharist is vital food for our journey. As we’ve established, prayer is necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven, so why not frequently use the most powerful prayer that God gave us?


  1. Frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation – The saints were not perfect. Nobody is, except for Jesus Christ and His mother Mary who was preserved from original sin. Every saint committed sins. Every saint committed sins. As Mother Teresa said, the only difference between a saint and a sinner is the way they react to their mistakes. When we choose to seek forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation, we are making a very clear choice. We desire to be in the state of grace, we desire to serve God, and we desire heaven.


  1. Institute an Accountability System – All of these steps are simple steps that you can take on your own, but as anybody who’s tried to start working out or going on a diet, it’s difficult to start a good habit. To remind yourself of your renewed drive to become a saint, ask your friends or your family to keep you on track. Be honest with the things you are struggling with and ask them to be honest with you when you slip up. It takes a great deal of humility to admit that you need help, but if you can take that step, you’ll know that your desire for sainthood is real.

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