How Can You Be Authentically Catholic in the Workplace? (Special Podcast Highlight)

If you’re afraid of living out your Catholic faith at work, this episode may encourage you!

In this podcast episode of Morning Air, John Morales speaks with Darlene Morocco about how to courageously live out your Catholic faith in a secular work environment. Darlene, the Chief Nursing Officer at the Cleveland Clinic Lutheran Hospital, shares her experiences and insights. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and natural expression of faith, stating that even in a secular workplace, it’s possible to incorporate one’s Catholic identity.

Darlene describes her daily routine, including starting her day with prayer and wearing visible symbols of her faith, such as a cross and crucifix earrings. She discusses the challenges of working in a secular environment and highlights her creative approach to celebrating Catholic holidays at work, like the Easter bread tradition, which sparked curiosity and conversations about faith among her colleagues.

When faced with challenges, Darlene emphasizes the importance of standing firm in your beliefs. She encourages you to have courage and not be afraid to express your faith in the workplace. She reminds you that you are fighting a battle for good and that you should wear your spiritual armor both at home and at work.

Keep up the good fight and be not afraid! 

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