Ingredients of a Good Marriage (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

You desire to grow closer to your spouse and to find effective ways to improve your marriage. Check out this best-of clip from The Inner Life! You can listen to the entire episode here! 

Patrick Conley talks to Fr. Allen Hoffa about 3 ingredients to have a successful marriage.

  1. Intimacy:
    • Intimacy is allowing vulnerability and letting your partner see into your depth.
    • Intimacy is not just physical; it’s a deep connection and mutual trust.
    • Any reluctance to share something with a spouse indicates a potential problem in the relationship.
  2. Sacrifice:
    • Sacrifice is putting personal wants aside for the good of the other.
    • The ultimate form of love in marriage is the willingness to sacrifice for the other.
    • The cross represents the ultimate sacrifice and serves as a reminder of selfless love.
  3. Prayer:
    • Praying for and with your spouse strengthens the bond.
    • It’s essential to communicate with God about your relationship and seek guidance.
    • Prayer can provide clarity, especially during challenging times.

The goal of marriage is not just an earthly contract but a divine commission to help your spouse reach heaven. Couples should aim to build a deep connection based on heart and soul, not just physical attraction.

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