My Workplace is Allowing Men into the Women’s Locker Room…

Debbie, a recent convert to the Catholic faith, called into The Patrick Madrid Show with a perplexing and alarming predicament taking place at her job.

“Here’s my question,” she began. “I’m working in a spa right now, and I just found out in a meeting yesterday that we’ve been allowing transgender men into our women’s locker room. I was so upset that I had to leave the meeting. I went home and I just cried. In my mind, I’m thinking: Do I quit? Do I speak up more against this? Do I throw a fit? What do I do? I just don’t know how to handle this as a Catholic.”

“Maybe all of the above,” replied Patrick.

Historically, the resort and spa that Debbie works at had always served men and women, but they kept their steam rooms, bathrooms, and locker rooms separated. Recently, though, a request was made to put up signs on the doors to indicate which rooms were for which gender, and it was announced that upper management will not do so because it does not discriminate against “transgenders” – men who think they are women or women who think they are men.

Of course, the irony is that by refraining from “discriminating” against transgenders, the resort is, in actuality, discriminating against biological men and women by withholding their right to privacy and safety.

Patrick suggested that Debbie rebel against this policy in a number of ways. Firstly, object to it. Patrick explained that it’s very likely that some of her coworkers disagree with the policy as well, and opening the conversation to the adverse perspective might reveal some allies. And with numbers, their objections might have the desired effect.

Patrick agreed that it might not work and it’s a real possibility that she could be fired from her job, but he contended that that might not be the worst thing because of the dangers presented by these alarming policies.

“If they won’t change it, I would look for another job,” said Patrick. “I know that’s not always easy, but if you’re in danger spiritually and physically, is it really worth it to be in a place that doesn’t care about you? Talk about disrespect: The owners of this spa obviously disrespect you as a woman, because they’re willing to put you in this dangerous situation. I wouldn’t want to work for a company that disrespected me in that way.”

Patrick also suggested that when she objects, Debbie should use legal phrases like “hostile work environment”, “harassment”, and similar language because that often makes entities like corporations listen. As a last resort, Patrick proposed that Debbie hire a lawyer and pursue legal action. The spa’s corporate executives may respond by trying to settle or they may amend their policies.

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