The Patrick Madrid Show: October 20, 2023 – Hour 2

Special Guest Host Fr. Matthew Spencer tackles the question of sacramental marriages, takes a young listeners insightful question and talks with a young man who is discerning the priesthood.

  • Cynthia – A priest told me I have a sacramental marriage even though you said I didn’t have one last time I called. Could you clarify this for me?
  • Marisol 8-years-old – Why does God love the devil?
  • Alex – How did you become a priest? I am discerning myself.
  • Why can deacons be married?
  • Stacy – Can I go to a baby shower of a couple that is not married in the Church?
  • James – I have a set of beads that has 1 Our Father, three Hail Mary’s, in 12 sets and a medal of Saint Joseph on it. What kind of rosary is this?
  • Carl – After communion, is it okay to sit down when Jesus is put back in the tabernacle? During the Our Father prayer, can we raise our hands?
  • Matt – I run a parish ministry and some people in my group are having difficulties with Pope Francis. How can I talk with them about this?
Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.