The Patrick Madrid Show: October 31, 2023 – Hour 2

  • The Dangers of a Ouija Board: Exorcist Unveils Catholic Church Teaching on Contacting the Dead (00:31)
  • Denise – When people say why they left the Catholic Church, I am bothered by the two reasons: They don’t need organized religion and because of the priest scandals. Is it okay for me to tell people that they are always Catholic and they can’t stop being Catholic even if they stop practicing?
  • Stephanie – Spanish song that I grew up with was different from the one that you talked about. My parish is Hispanic and doing Día de Muertos. What should I do?
  • Ann – How do you respond to protestants that say we should not pray to saints because we shouldn’t pray to the dead? (26:51)
  • “Pharmageddon” — CVS, Walgreens start three-day walkout
  • Ann – How do you know when it’s okay to celebrate old pagan rituals that are now Christian traditions and when to avoid those traditions out right? (39:19)
  • Matthew – When we confess our sins, Jesus forgets them. However, He needs to make a judgment about people when they die, so how does that work?
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