What’s Our Job? – October 31, 2023

Bible Study: (1:48)

Rom 8:18-25

  • What is our job as Christians?

Lk 13:18-21

  • Father discusses building the kingdom


  • (24:10) – Bible recommendation 
  • (25:24) – St. Jude as patron of the impossible 
  • (27:58) – Deuteronomy 20:5-7
  • (30:10) – Sons of God and intimate relations 
  • (33:35) – Jewish army during the time of Jesus 

Word of the Day: Adoption (35:37)


  • (37:23) – I had not been to a Latin Mass in 60 years. I went on Sunday and when the priest held up the host, I began to tremble. It seemed like a glimpse of the Kingdom. 
  • (38:35) – When did we start having confession as we know it today?
  • (41:41) – A lot of people at my Church leave after Communion. How important is the closing blessing?
  • (44:34) – On the book of Maccabees. Do we know who wrote it?
  • (47:14) – Can you speak to the origin of the legend that souls are with God in heaven before children are conceived?
  • (50:10) – Did Abraham take a third wife?
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