Christmas is Cancelled in Bethlehem! (The Patrick Madrid Show)

This may be something you thought you’d never hear!

Breaking News: Christmas Cancelled in Bethlehem! 🎄❌

Here’s the scoop:

  • Bethlehem Blues: The Palestinian authorities have put a stop to public Christmas festivities and displays, including Christmas trees, in Bethlehem. This decision is stated to be in “honor of the Hamas martyrs.”
  • Controversial Label: Patrick Madrid makes it clear that Hamas, referred to as “martyrs” by the Palestinian authorities, are actually a terrorist organization. It’s tone deaf to say otherwise.
  • Historic Break in Tradition: Heartbreakingly, the iconic Manger Square, which is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, will be missing its traditional Christmas decorations for the first time ever.
  • A Pilgrim’s Perspective: Patrick reminisces about his visits to the holy site, describing the journey through the church to the spot marked by a large silver star, where Jesus is believed to have been born.
  • Spiritual Observances Remain: Despite the absence of festive decorations, traditional Christmas Mass and prayers will still be held by the Catholic and Greek Orthodox communities.
  • A City in Transition: Bethlehem, a city once predominantly Christian (Catholic and Greek Orthodox), has seen a significant decline in its Christian population due to ongoing violence and conflict.

Patrick urges you to keep the people of Bethlehem in your prayers during Advent and Christmas, as they face a season without the public celebration of a deeply significant religious event. 🙏🌟

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