Leprosy & the Healing Power of Christ – November 15, 2023

Bible Study: (1:56)

Lk 17:11-19

  • Leprosy,  the Kingdom of God, and the healing power of Christ


  • (19:54) – Parable of the Vineyard
  • (21:33) – Why is there so much suffering? 
  • (23:24) – why is the Holy Spirit Lord? 
  • (24:04) – Is Hell for real? 
  • (24:58) – Judging the Law
  • (28:56) – why did the Samaritan go to the priest? 

Word of the Day: Pity (32:47)


  • (35:42) – Could you explain why the hemorrhaging woman was unclean and what circumstances for those with the blood issues why where they unclean?
  • (38:51) – Family friend committed suicide; what should I say to the family? 
  • (42:49) – Why do we say that Matrimony was instituted by Christ when there was marriages before Christ?
  • (44:59) – Friend was divorced was remarried and then her first husband died.  Does she still need annulment?
  • (48:52) – Parisa and Rapture from Thessalonians: Rapture is from the Greek, and Latin uses a diff form of that verb. Could you explain, Father?
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