Prophecy & Sincerity – November 7, 2023

Bible Study: (1:22)

Rom 12:5-16ab

  • Handing on the gift of God, prophecy, and sincerity 


  • (27:31) – Viaticum
  • (31:26) – Apostolic pardon 
  • (31:26) – Good book on the midrash
  • (32:32) – Early Christian worship

Word of the Day: Lowly (39:20)


  • (43:42) – If somebody passed away long ago and I prayed for their souls now, would that apply to the past because God out of time?
  • (45:11) – When we say ‘Rest in Peace’, are they in heaven or resting for the 2nd coming?
  • (46:12) – When protestants are doing the deliverance prayers, are demons being delivered?
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