The Patrick Madrid Show: November 15, 2023 – Hour 3

Can someone who doesn’t believe in God still go to heaven? Patrick shares biblical verses and insights to shed light on this important topic. Additionally, we address questions about possession by the devil and the moral implications of gambling. Join us as we navigate these intriguing discussions and seek guidance in our faith journey.

  • Patrick continues his conversation with Jackson from the previous hour about if good people that don’t believe in God can go to Heaven.
  • Sergio – Is it a sin for me to work in a casino? What do you think of applauding during Mass?
  • Kathleen (email) – You stated drunkenness is a serious sin and it’s something that I’ve struggled with for many years? Am I going to hell?
  • Mike – Is it okay to bury a Saint Joseph statue upside-down in your yard to sell your house quicker? (22:38)
  • Denise – One of my brother’s got his ashes separated between his military grave and an urn that his children have. What should I do about this?
  • Barbara – What you said to the caller Barbara in the 2nd hour makes me feel so very encouraged with what I can do with my own sons.
  • Brian – Could Adam and Eve go to heaven after they sinned? (40:17)
  • Terry – Where in the bible is purgatory referenced?
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Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.