What Does it Mean to be a Saint? (The Patrick Madrid Show)

You were made to become a saint in heaven! Don’t let that scare you, though. God has given you the graces to make it happen! So you may wonder…what does it mean to be a saint?

Patrick explains that while the term ‘saint’ typically refers to those in heaven, the Bible often uses it to describe anyone who is a member of the Body of Christ, meaning any baptized person. However, being a ‘saint’ in this sense doesn’t necessarily imply holiness; it’s more about one’s status in the Church.

Delving into the concept of holiness, Patrick highlights that sainthood involves a journey of becoming more like God, a process termed ‘sanctification.’ He likens the soul before baptism to a dormant, yet pristine car that roars to life upon receiving the sacrament. Baptism, according to him, eradicates original sin, vivifies the soul with sanctifying grace, and sets one on the path of sanctification.

Patrick also talks about the ongoing nature of sanctification, acknowledging that people sin and make mistakes. He underscores the importance of the Sacrament of Confession for recovering from these falls, metaphorically cleaning the mud off one’s baptismal garment.

Furthermore, Patrick distinguishes between the ‘small s’ saints, which all baptized individuals are, and the ‘capital S’ saints in heaven who have seen God face to face. He concludes by explaining the Catholic Church’s canonization process, which officially recognizes certain individuals as saints, affirming their presence in heaven and their lives of heroic virtue or martyrdom.

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