Do You Have a Rule of Life? (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Does your busy schedule make you feel overwhelmed, and does it prevent you from praying as much as you’d like? It might be helpful to establish a rule of life!

What’s it About? 💬 It’s all about establishing a structured approach to living a faith-filled life, balancing spiritual growth with everyday duties.

Fr. Bobby Blood’s Insights: 🌟

  • Rule of Life’s Origin: Fr. Blood first encountered it in seminary. It seemed like just rules, but he realized it’s more about committing to live your faith daily.
  • For Everyone, Not Just Clergy: He emphasizes that this isn’t just for priests or nuns. It’s especially relevant for laypeople balancing jobs, families, and faith.
  • Tailored to Each Individual: God doesn’t expect a cookie-cutter approach from everyone. Your rule should fit your unique life and vocation.
  • Stretch, Not Break: Fr. Blood uses Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscle analogy to explain spiritual growth. It’s about pushing your limits without overwhelming yourself.
  • Discerning God’s Plan: It’s crucial to take time and figure out where God is calling you to grow.

Balancing Act: ⚖️

  • Combining Spiritual and Secular Life: It’s not just about nose-to-the-grindstone discipline. It’s finding joy in giving part of your day to God while managing other responsibilities.
  • Avoiding Overload: Fr. Blood warns against the misconception that more devotions or prayers = more grace. God’s love isn’t something you earn through excessive spiritual practices.

Starting a Rule of Life: 🚀

  • Start Small: Begin by figuring out how much time you can realistically dedicate to God daily.
  • Overall Well-being: Consider other aspects like adequate sleep and nutrition.
  • Obedience and Discipline: Having a structured rule helps focus on what’s important, though it requires discipline to stick to it.

Fr. Blood’s Personal Experience: 🙏

  • Integration Into Life: As a priest, Fr. Blood finds that if one life aspect suffers, everything else does too. A balanced rule of life benefits all areas.
  • Formation Over Time: The rule is not just a checklist but a way to form and mold our hearts and lives towards God.

The Takeaway: ✨ Embrace a rule of life that stretches you spiritually but fits within your unique life circumstances. It’s about balance, not overload, and growing closer to God in a way that nurtures all aspects of your life. 🌱🙌

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