Greater than John the Baptist? – December 14, 2023

Bible Study: (3:03)

Is 41:13-20

  • What is the relationship between the thrashing floor and the Eucharist? 

Mt 11:11-15

  • What does it mean to be greater than John the Baptist? 


  • (20:45) – Music on the Tilma on Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • (22:26) – Closing parishes during COVID

Word of the Day: Force (34:29)


  • (38:47) – At the end of the Sermon on the Mount it says the crowds were drawn to him, but I thought you said it was just him and the disciples?
  • (42:19) – I was raised Protestant and my wife was raised Catholic. Are we ever going to see eye to eye on faith matters?
  • (47:41) – The three wise men brough the gifts GFM the gifts fit for a king. If they were fit for a king, what was the amount of these gifts that he received?
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