How to Handle Grief and Loss (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Losing a loved one is so painful. You may feel alone and unsure of where to turn. How can you navigate through the emotions of loss and trust that God is with you?

Fr. Michael Hurley, a Dominican priest and pastor at St. Dominic Parish in San Francisco, offers a profound perspective on grief and loss. Father Michael delves into the heart of grief, especially during winter, a time when loss feels more acute. You may feel sadder during this season, and it could be even harder to cope through loss.

Father emphasizes that grief, sorrow, and loss were not part of God’s original plan for humanity. However, after sin entered the world, these became a part of our existence. Yet, in His divine wisdom, God equipped us with a spiritual and psychological “immune system,” with grief serving as a crucial component in this healing process. Grieving isn’t just a natural reaction; it’s a pathway towards healing and understanding God’s promise of eternal life.

You may feel tempted to rush through grief or attempt to make logical sense of loss, as it’s often beyond human understanding. However, it’s so vital to take your time through the process. Grieving, Fr. Michael explains, is a divine gift that allows you to process and heal from your deepest wounds.

Tom, a caller from California, shares his journey of losing his mother and finding solace in a grief support group.

Fr. Michael and Patrick Conley also explore the comforting role of God’s presence during times of sorrow. They discuss how scriptural promises, like walking through the valley of the shadow of death without fear, are testaments to God’s unwavering support. Embracing grief is essential for a fuller understanding and acceptance of God’s love and the ultimate hope of the Christian faith.

Don’t give up hope and know that we at Relevant Radio pray for you in your time of grief.

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