Investigating the Star of Bethlehem (Special Podcast Highlight)

Was the Star of Bethlehem just a made-up story or was it a real historical event? If it was, what could have caused it? A divine miracle? What do you think?

Drew Mariani begins by debunking the idea that the star was a mere literary device, affirming the Gospels as historical accounts of real events, including this celestial marvel. He rejects the notion that it was concocted for storytelling or theological illustration. 📚✨

The conversation then pivots to astronomical theories. Could this have been a meteorite, a comet, a supernova, or even a rogue planet? These celestial phenomena offer intriguing possibilities, yet each theory has its peculiarities and challenges. 🌌

Father Corbally joins in, bringing his astronomical expertise. He highlights the annual changes in popular theories, from supernovas to comets. 🌟🔭

Drew and Father Corbally also delve into biblical prophecies and historical records, pondering whether the Star was a natural astronomical event or a miraculous sign from God. They contemplate the spiritual dimensions, considering Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint John Chrysostom’s viewpoints that it was a divine miracle. ✨🙏

In a twist, they discuss the “Zoia light,” a natural phenomenon, as a potential explanation, yet also entertain the idea of a supernatural light.  🤔💫

Father Corbally returns to the idea of God using nature to communicate, ultimately emphasizing the incarnation of Jesus as the most profound message. 🌟👶

As you celebrate Christmas, be sure to prayerfully ponder this amazing event and give thanks to God that His supernatural power is all around us, if we would only just keep our eyes open. 

Drew Mariani is an award-winning journalist, writer and broadcaster. He currently hosts The Drew Mariani Show™ reaching a potential audience of 220 million people. His 3-hour daily program offers a unique insight on the most important issues of the day and a platform for dialogue with listeners and newsmakers.