Should You Run Away from Grief? (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Do you find it difficult to embrace joy? If you’re feeling grief and sorrow, know that these emotions are understandable. You can still find joy in the valleys of life.

Patrick Conley and Fr. Craig DeYoung talk to Martha, who shares her struggle to rediscover joy after her third miscarriage. Fr. DeYoung emphasizes our capacity to confront and embrace life’s painful realities. He advises Martha to fully experience her grief, to bring her pain, disappointment, and questions before God in a candid heart-to-heart.

Fr. DeYoung highlights how in Christianity, grief is not a detour but a pathway to joy, drawing parallels to Jesus’ experiences of loss and sorrow, such as weeping for Lazarus. He points to figures like Our Lady of Sorrows, who stand with us in our darkest hours, showcasing how our faith provides comfort and understanding in suffering.

The conversation then leads to the essential Christian belief that joy is intricately linked with suffering, as seen in Jesus’ journey to the cross and resurrection. Fr. DeYoung references Hebrews 12, urging us to fix our eyes on Jesus, who endured the cross for the joy that lay ahead. This perspective transforms suffering, not into meaningless agony, but into a profound journey towards redemption and ultimate joy.

They further explore how societal norms often misinterpret joy as mere comfort or good feelings, overlooking the deeper, more complex nature of true joy. Fr. DeYoung stresses the importance of embracing all emotions as part of your human experience, encouraging you to bring their entire self, including your pain and anger, to God.

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