The Best Catholic App Just Got Better

Are you ready for the biggest upgrade of the year? Your favorite Catholic app just got a comprehensive overhaul, complete with brand-new features, improved responsiveness, expanded options and settings, and a sleek new look. Come along as we walk you through the most notable upgrades from the new and improved Relevant Radio App!

Redesigned Interface

Without compromising any of our pre-existing features and content, the newest version of the app sports a brand-new look that’s focused on ease of use, enhanced interaction, and more efficient accessibility. We’ve departed from the two side-menu design and instead organized our four main options at the bottom of the screen: Home, Explore, Menu, and Pray.

Home continues to feature our ongoing promotions and our most recent articles, but we’ve also introduced scrolling functionality to allow users to explore even more options. View the Best of the Week content, browse the top podcasts, watch our video livestreams and video series like Carols of Comfort & Joy and Eucharistic Encounters, and find Audio prayers that are perfect for following along.

And of course, located right above our main menu is our Listen Live option where you can tune into Relevant Radio and hear our shows live from wherever you are.

Podcast Features

We received a lot of constructive feedback about improving our podcast options and functionality and we listened! With a completely redesigned system, our podcasts now feature complete show notes and synopses, a “Pick up where you left off” design to allow for seamless continuation of listening, and segmentation of shows into chapters to reduce the need for manual scrubbing and make it easier to find specific segments.

We have also streamlined our podcast download feature, making it easier to add, remove, and manage your podcast inventory through the “My Downloads” section located in the Menu.

Customizable Playback Settings

We have also introduced several exciting features to your playback experience in listening to podcasts, including “Select Segment”, playback speed adjustment, 15-second rewind, 30-second fast-forward, and “Share”.

We’ve also added an option to our “Settings” menu which allows users to adjust a few things, including enabling or disabling Autoplay. Autoplay is a new option that allows users to choose whether they want the Relevant Radio Livestream to begin playing upon opening the app or not. You can also turn on Autoplay to listen to sequential podcast episodes or audio prayers.

Notification System

We have also rebuilt our notification system which delivers messages from us at Relevant Radio to you, our listeners. Whether one of our shows is featuring a special guest or announcing some exciting news, or we’re notifying you of an upcoming event or holiday, push and in-app notifications are one of the ways that we communicate that information to our users. And with our brand-new system, you don’t have to worry about missing anything!

In the old version of the app, notifications would often get lost in your phone’s notification center or disappear after displaying on the app home screen. But now, the app has a notification hub in the top left which will house all of your most recent notifications, making sure you never miss an announcement.

Check out our brief video overview of our new features here!

Other New Features

  • Responsive Tablet Design for Horizontal Use
  • Streamlined Podcast Content Discovery
  • Video Streaming, both Live and On Demand
  • Live and Counting Memorare Meter
  • Many more to come!

We hope you enjoy the new and improved features that we’ve introduced in this latest version the Relevant Radio App, and we hope these changes make it even easier for you to live out your Faith. We are dedicated to your spiritual journey, and our mission is to bring you to Christ through the media that we produce: our on-air content, podcasts, video series, prayers, articles, and reflections. And all of that is accessible in our completely FREE app.

We are here for you, we care about your salvation, and we want to help. Download today and discover why we are the #1 FREE Catholic app available. Relevant Radio is changing lives. Will you be next?

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John Hanretty serves as a Digital Media Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of the Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas. Besides being passionate about writing, his hobbies include drawing and digital design. You can read more of his daily articles at and on the Relevant Radio® app.