Unpacking Your Christmas Traditions (The Drew Mariani Show)

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? Do you and your family have a special tradition every year?

Drew chats with storyteller, Ace Collins, about the fascinating origins of beloved Christmas traditions. Here’s a jolly summary for your Christmas delight!

🎅 Christmas Trees: A Tale of Faith and Tradition

  • Origins: Christmas trees started as outdoor “Creation Trees” by the Catholic Church in Eastern Europe, symbolizing the Garden of Eden.
  • Transformation: Evergreens in Scandinavia symbolized life during winter, which Christian missionaries like Boniface used to represent undying faith.
  • Indoors Adventure: Latvians first brought Christmas trees indoors around 1500, initially hanging them upside down for practicality.

🍬 Decorations and Colors: Symbolism Galore!

  • Early Decor: Initially, trees were adorned with homemade decorations like straw wreaths.
  • Colorful Ornaments: German glass ornaments, with colors representing aspects of faith – red for Christ’s blood, white for purity, gold for divine light, and so on.
  • Wreaths: Made from tree branches, these symbolized eternal life, adorned with red ribbons for Christ’s sacrifice and often featuring nativity scenes.

💡 Bright Lights and Artificial Trees: Evolving Celebrations

  • Lights on Trees: Transitioned from candles to electric lights, becoming widespread after World War II.
  • Artificial Trees: First appeared in New York City in the 1880s, initially made from feathers to meet high demand.

🎵 Music and Mirth: Keeping Traditions Alive

  • Evolving Traditions: While new traditions are rare, old ones like celebrating Jesus’ birth with a birthday cake are seeing a revival.
  • The Spirit of Christmas: Amid modern challenges, the beauty and simplicity of Christmas decorations and traditions offer a reminder of hope and peace.
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