Who was the Real St Nick? (Special Podcast Highlight)

🤔 Separating fact from fiction about St. Nicholas, Cale Clarke delves deep! Legend has it, St. Nick might have knocked out Arius, a notorious heretic who claimed Jesus wasn’t God. This controversial figure nearly split the Church, twisting Scripture to back his claims. Such heresy triggered the Council of Nicaea, where bishops, some maimed from persecution, fiercely defended their faith.

🔍 Diving into St. Nick’s life, we find he became a bishop in Myra (now Turkey) at a young age. Famous for his generosity, he’s believed to have saved three young women from a dire fate by providing dowries – though this tale’s truth is uncertain. What’s sure? He suffered imprisonment and torture for his faith under Emperor Diocletian but never wavered.

👴 After his death in 343 AD, St. Nick’s remains became a source of miracles. Italian sailors, fearing his tomb’s desecration in Myra, relocated his remains to Bari, Italy. Miraculously, his tomb exudes a sweet-smelling liquid, believed by some to have healing powers.

🧐 But here’s a twist! St. Nick was no jolly, portly Santa. Modern research shows he was slender, around 5’4″, with a broken nose – possibly from torture. His remains reveal a life marked by hardship and faith.

🐺 Fun fact: St. Nick is the patron saint of a surprising mix, including wolves and brewers, alongside the more expected ones like children and sailors.

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