Are Satan’s 100 Years Up? (The Cale Clarke Show)

The Cale Clarke Show delves into an intriguing theological question: Has the 100-year period granted to Satan by God, as envisioned by Pope Leo XIII, come to an end? Cale explores the profound implications of this intriguing topic.

  1. The Startling Vision of Pope Leo XIII (1884): After Mass, Pope Leo XIII experiences a disturbing vision. He sees Satan boast to God about destroying the Church, to which God challenges Satan, granting him a century of increased power to attempt this.
  2. The Prayer of St. Michael: In response, Pope Leo XIII introduces the Prayer of St. Michael, intended to be recited at the end of every Mass, as a spiritual shield against this diabolic challenge.
  3. A Century of Turmoil: Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, a renowned exorcist, observes that the subsequent 100 years, supposedly ending in 1984, were marked by challenges for both the Church and the world, including wars and persecutions.
  4. Satan’s Tactics Post-Century: In the article, Monsignor Rossetti suggests that post-1984, Satan’s presence is more overt. This is exemplified by attacks on Catholic churches, a rise in openly professed occult practices, and the public installation of demonic statues.
  5. The Unfading Power of Faith: Despite these alarming developments, Monsignor Rossetti emphasizes the ultimate triumph of faith. He shares experiences from exorcisms, illustrating the power of Christian symbols like the crucifix and holy water over demonic entities.
  6. The Ongoing Spiritual Warfare: Cale stresses the persistent spiritual battle, quoting Ephesians 6:12, and reinforces the need for vigilance and faith.
  7. The Unforgivable Sin – A Warning from Jesus: Cale mentions Mark 3:22-30, where Jesus warns against the eternal sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This sin, rooted in the absolute rejection of Christ’s message and divinity, is unforgivable because it precludes seeking forgiveness through Jesus.
  8. The Strong Man Parable: Reflecting on Jesus’ parable, Cale emphasizes His role as the one who can “bind the strong man” (Satan), showcasing Jesus’ superior spiritual authority.
  9. Vigilance and Faith: Cale wraps up by urging you to remain vigilant against Satan’s changing tactics and to maintain a strong faith. The message is clear: despite Satan’s efforts, faith in God provides profound strength and protection.
Jake Moore serves as a Digital Audio Content Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is passionate about classic movies, Christian music, young adult ministry, and leading this generation to Christ through compelling media. You can listen to more of his podcasts at and on the Relevant Radio® app.