First a Mormon, Then a Protestant, Now a Catholic Forever (The Patrick Madrid Show)


📚 Understanding the Trinity: Patrick acknowledges the complexity of Catholic teachings on the Trinity, even for Catholics themselves. He delves into the human intellect’s limitations, emphasizing our reliance on sensory inputs and imagination to form concepts. Patrick argues that the Trinity, transcending physicality and human imagination, is a theological principle that we hold to be true rather than something we can completely understand. We may not have a complete understanding of who God the Father really is and what He looks like, but we will someday.

🔍 A Journey of Faith – From LDS to Catholicism: The podcast takes an unexpected turn when Jared from Utah shares his faith journey. Formerly LDS and then a Protestant pastor, Jared’s path to Catholicism was influenced by YouTube algorithms and a profound encounter with the writings of the early Church Fathers. His realization of the Catholic Church’s historical and doctrinal authenticity led to a transformative embrace of Catholicism, despite the personal sacrifices involved.

📖 The Power of Learning and Openness: Jared stresses how exploration of Catholic teachings and history brought him closer to a truth he had been seeking, culminating in a profound experience of the Eucharist. He said that when he received Jesus in the Eucharist, he finally found the peace he was looking for.

🙏 Relevant Radio, as Jared testifies, serves as a catalyst for deepening faith and expanding knowledge, encouraging you to explore aspects of Catholicism you might not be familiar with.

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