How to Bring Your Loved Ones Back to the Faith (Morning Air)

Do you have a family member or friend away from the Church? It might break your heart because you want them to return. What can you do to soften their hearts and consider returning to Mass?

John Morales and Marcel LeJeune explore this topic which is close to many hearts. 🙏

The Big Picture:

  • The Pain of Drifting Away: It’s a common struggle among Catholics – seeing loved ones drift away from the Church. This emotional challenge mirrors God’s own yearning for His children’s return.
  • No Magic Formula: Bringing someone back isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s a journey shaped by individual circumstances and choices.

Key Strategies:

  1. Strengthen the Relationship: Start by nurturing your relationship with the person. Whether a friend or family member, showing genuine care without judgment is crucial.
  2. Listen More, Preach Less: Instead of launching into a theological debate or lecture, open your ears. Do your best to understand where they are coming from.
  3. Understanding ≠ Agreement: You can comprehend someone’s stance without endorsing it. This empathetic approach can bridge gaps.

Marcel’s Golden Tips:

  • Start with Why: Uncover the reasons behind their departure. Is it a doctrinal issue, a sense of community loss, or something else?
  • Pray and Be Patient: Trust in God’s timing and continue praying. Patience is key in this spiritual endeavor.
  • Make Gentle Invitations: Invite them to join in prayer or attend Mass, but don’t pressure. Small, sincere invitations can sometimes open hearts.

Real-Life Queries:

  • For Parents of Adult Children: Engage with them as adults. Ask open-ended questions and listen to their beliefs and struggles.
  • Dealing with Disbelief: If your children or grandchildren have stepped away from the Church, maintain a balance. Avoid being overbearing, but also don’t become indifferent. You can still do something, and it can go a very long way over time.

Wrapping Up:

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