Kristan Hawkins Reports from the March for Life 2024 (Special Podcast Highlight)

🎉 “Dive into the Heart of Pro-Life Passion: A Snapshot of Kristan Hawkins’ Stirring Rally Cry at the March for Life!” 🎉

John Morales had the privilege of chatting with Kristan Hawkins, the President of Students for Life of America. Broadcasting live from the epicenter of the March for Life in Washington D.C., Kristan shared her powerful insights and experiences. 🌟

👩‍🎓 Empowering the Youth: Kristan’s remarkable journey has seen her spearheading a formidable team that supports over 1,400 Students for Life chapters across all 50 states. Her dedication has inspired and trained more than 180,000 young minds, shaping them into tomorrow’s leaders.

🚩 The March for Life: Amidst the bustling energy of the event, Kristan expressed a profound sense of responsibility felt by pro-life advocates post the landmark decision on June 24th, 2022. She emphasized the need for Christians to boldly advocate for the voiceless, to engage actively in communities, and to navigate the challenges faced by the pro-life movement with resilience and faith.

Equal Rights for All: The theme of the march, ‘Equal Rights for All, Born and Pre-born,’ set the tone for a deep conversation on securing constitutional rights for every child. Kristan highlighted the importance of this ongoing struggle, marked by challenges yet buoyed by a shared commitment in the body of Christ.

🏛 Influencing Policy and Perception: Kristan’s encounter with young students at the march underscored the crucial role of Catholic institutions in fostering pro-life values. She called upon Catholic leaders to continue nurturing this spirit among the youth. Her conversations with national leaders in D.C. reflect a pressing need to hold elected officials accountable, especially in light of recent electoral challenges.

🌍 National Pro-Life Summit: The upcoming summit, sold out and featuring speakers like Mike Pence and Dr. Alveda King, aims to bolster the pro-life cause. 

📚 Campus Outreach: Kristan also delved into her provocative campus tours aimed at engaging with pro-choice students. These encounters, often heated, have led to transformative dialogues and even lives being saved – a testament to the power of steadfast advocacy.

🌱 A Continuing Legacy: As Kristan wrapped up, her message was clear: the pro-life movement is a generational legacy that must be tirelessly cultivated. It’s about being Christ’s hands and feet, transforming lives, and relentlessly pursuing the end of abortion.

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